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I had to go see the hospital on Wednesday. First i seen a midwife who took all my medical history and talked a bit about the hospital and maternity ward. Explained all the services i had on offer to me now and after the birth. She was very nice and helpful. Made us feel very relaxed and at ease.

Next we seen the OB on duty. She was a bit of a fairy and i wasn’t really that keen on her but she was still ok. Took my blood pressure and it had come a teeny tiny bit since my first visit to the doctors last week. No protein was present in urine either. Measured bub, not to big, not to small but just right. Mentioned all my lower tummy pains but she was not concerned and just said that it was because the head is down low.

Booked in to the clinic again next Wednesday for another check up and to make sure all is going well.

This Saturday Craig and i are off the to Pregnancy, babies and childrens expo in Melbourne. Hopefully get a few freebies and some useful information.

Sunday i’m meeting up with Rachel, a girl i speak with on the babies forum, she lives around the corner from us. Her bubba is due in March 2007.

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