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Craig and I went back to the doctors last night. Only thing that’s improved is the swelling. Feet are pretty much normal, a little swelling is all that remains. The urine tests come back ok and nothing to worry about at all. HOWEVER the blood pressure was an issue. When we first arrived my BP was 136/96 which is a little on the high side, so doctor told me to lay down hoping it would help and it would decrease. Wrong!! It rocketed up to 140/105 which is extremely high. Doctor then got me to do another urine sample to make sure everything was still ok, in which case it was.

Dr explained that the reason why the BP keeps rising it that my immune system is rejecting or fighting with the placenta. The only way to decrease the BP is to remove the placenta, which indeed means removing the baby, so an early delivery :(

At 33 weeks its a good milestone to have a baby, they are developed enough to survive on their own, and some wont need humid-i-cribs, some will. Also does not mean id need to have a c-section if i was to deliver early. In a lot of cases you can still have a normal birth, but if theres dangers or complications then a c-section would definitely be used.

Dr is calling Monash hospital this morning to see if they can get me in earlier then next Friday to see me, or if they have alternative ideas on what they wish for me to do. That is: deliver early?

Will keep everyone posted on the outcome :)

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