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Tuesday seen mum, Rhiannon, Brendan and me head for Melbourne. At 6.30am we were walking out the door. Was the hardest thing i think i have ever had to do….leave my dad. I knew i was going to get upset. As he kissed Mum, Rhi and Brendan bye i knew my turn was coming up as well. I took one look at him and burst. Hugging him like i was leaving for good, tears flowing like a river. Was so hard, but knew i had to be strong. Reassuring him his grandchild had no choice but to come out soon, i would be seeing him with in a month or 2 no matter what. I think it is hard on dad, Renee is 4 hours away, in the same state, heres me, his baby, 9 hours and a new state away. Sure theres the phone, but nothing beats being able to see a human life in the flesh.

Hopping in the car and driving down the road all i could do was picture the sadness in his eyes and face. I hope he is going to be ok, cos i sure as hell miss him so much already. Dad has been so good to me and now he is so far away.

Any how, we jetted off. Stopping at Yass, Holbrook and Glenrowan on the way for food, fuel or much needed toilet and leg stretching breaks.

Finaly arrived ‘home’ around 5pm. Some unpacking had been done. I was tired and in pain but knew i must begin on the unpacking. I got on every ones nerves, didn’t want their help, refused it when they offered. I just wanted to get in and do it, and the others could rest and relax. Once they had all gone to bed i was able to stop my macho women attitude and ‘show’ pain. Headed to bed around 1.30 am, with some unpacking done, but was disappointed in not having more completed.

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