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Monday seen the truck arrive a tad late…..9.45am….was meant to be between 7-8am….

Renee and Craig headed off for Melbourne with the cats, while mum, Rhinannon, Brendan and I stayed behind to clean the house. The truck left around 2.30pm with most of the stuff, minus a few things which are being sent on another load next week.

When we left the old house it looked spotless. Was sad to leave it, knowing we were never returning to it, but instead going to a new place, new town and away from every one.

That night i called Craig to see how the cats went in the travel, all went well, no nasty mess through the car, all behaved (helped by the valium our vet gave us to calm them down). They were settling in very nicely and were up to usual tricks of climbing on everything :)

We had an early night of 9.30pm ready for our big adventure the next day….and the 5am wake up.

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