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Last night we had our 4th class. We learnt about breastfeeding-how to do it, nappies-different options and how to fold and put cloth nappies on a baby.

Was only a short class, finished by 8pm. The lady in our class who got upset last week in the delivery room, she was due this Saturday, 1 week before me. Well Tuesday (21st) she had a baby girl and they named her Rose.

All the other couples in our group said next week will be my turn. I sure hope so!!

Had a hospital appointment yesterday as well. Everything is going ok. Heart beat was the clearest and loudest I’ve heard all pregnancy. Dr said ‘all the heart beat tells us is your baby is alive, not if theres any problems’. Not something id have expected to come out of a doctors mouth! We discussed induction, but they wont give me one because as it is i have a 10%chance of needing a c-section and if they induced it would jump to 30%. Dr is allowing me to go 14 days over..which would mean our bubba will be here no later then 16th December……soooooo far away!!

Well last night we had yet another huff and puff class. It was the class id been waiting the last 3 weeks for. The night we got the grand tour of the birthing suites and post natal ward.

However, i now wish id never wanted to see it so badly :(

The class started off with us learning about different methods of delivery, those being forceps, suction cup, empisiotomy, caesarean both elective and emergency, induction and augmentation. We also watched a video on a c-section being done. That’s one that i would like to avoid. Not only for the recovery time, stitches and so on, but because once bub is born i would get to hold it for a little bit and then Craig and bub go away to show off bub (if any family had arrived by then of course) while i get left behind in recovery with no one but nurses and doctors. I guess i don’t like the idea of not having Craig or bub by my side after all id just gone through. Like they have the easy pass, ‘Kim does all the work and then we just pack up and leave her in pain while we go enjoy the moment’.

Any way back to the dreaded tour. After the video and discussions we had a quick break and then made our way up to Level 5. Labour ward and post natal ward. We walked down a long corridor which seemed to go on forever, before arriving at the birthing suites. I was ok walking around the midwives station and all the other ‘rooms’, but the moment we stepped into a empty room that wasn’t being used i freaked. All i could see was a bed, in the middle of an empty room. I don’t know what i was expecting but it sure as hell was not that. There was a few chairs, toilet and a shower. Some windows with curtains. The room was HOT and not welcoming. Another lady who is due a week before me burst into tears. I think its hitting home with her just how close it is for her. I didn’t feel much better. I just kept gazing around the room. I guess i felt like i had no privacy in there. Because its so open and nothing is close by. Just a bed in a room. When Liz our ‘teacher’ said we were moving on to the post natal wards, i was out of there.

The walk to the post natal wards was a quite one, Craig was talking to me, i was answering but no idea what was asked or said. I was frozen. Walking around the post natal wasn’t much better. It looked feral, the rooms were tiny and visitors were packed/cramed into see new mums. Again, it wasn’t very inviting. I was disappointed in fact. Now i’m glad they only keep you in 2 nights, because any more then that wouldn’t be fun. I remember looking at the midwifes and none of them looked friendly, but more angry and not happy to be there, or the type that would look at you stupid if you asked something. Oh well, to late now i have to give birth somewhere.

Class ended at 8. Thirty minutes earlier then normal, but i was glad. I couldn’t have handled any more time there. Went from the class id been looking forward to, to the class i regret attending the most.

Off that topic for the moment. Yesterday morning i had a fall in the shower. Slipped on some shampoo and split the shower floor even more then what it was prior to my accident. Have told real estate, but still no word on if they are going to come and get it repaired. I landed heavily on my left side/back. No damage just bit tender and sore now.

That’s about all i have to report on.

All good

Had another hospital visit today…beginning to get a bit sick of them. Any how, BP was good 138/80. My feet are like balloons but the OB was ok with it. Told her I’m over the pregnancy and just want bub out!! She laughed and said ‘had your BP been high today i would have admitted you and got you induced..’. DAMN!!

But any ways, bub is fine and bp good. So they are not seeing me for another 2 weeks now as everything is going well.

Tonight we have our huff and puff classes on again, this week we watch videos and learn about pain relief….yay!

Had the car seat installed the other day…. and the bloody thing is so big when you are a passenger you sit on a 90 degree angle and your knees are up on the dash….so now thinking we need to do something about the car situation. It definitely wont be a Melbourne to Sydney drive i will be going on cramped like that.

Had a good birthday on the weekend. :D

Yesterday i had my weekly check up at the hospital. Everything is going really well. BP was creeping up a little again 120/85 but the Dr was fine with it. Still getting pains down low and they getting worse. So dr had a feel around and discovered bub has moved very low into my pelvis. With the words of ‘Your baby could be born any day now’ was music to my ears… followed by ‘….Or it could make you hang in there a bit longer’ such as the next 4 weeks that i have remaining.

Started parenting and birth classes as well. Learnt about the different stages of labour, breathing techniques, when to come/call the hospital, common symptoms of pregnancy and the do/dont’s of what to buy for bub.

Most of the other couples are not due until Jan-March, but there is another couple who are due 29th Nov, so im not the only ‘due soon’ person in the class.

Fingers crossed i make it to at least class 3 as thats when they do the tour of the wards and delivery rooms. Next week we learn about pain relief and watch videos.

When we left at 8.20pm the first thing i said to Craig was ‘ I cant do this, its to scary, is it to late to back out…?’. But I’ll be ok…. think positive :)

Only 2 days to my 24th birthday :D