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Yesterday i had my weekly check up at the hospital. Everything is going really well. BP was creeping up a little again 120/85 but the Dr was fine with it. Still getting pains down low and they getting worse. So dr had a feel around and discovered bub has moved very low into my pelvis. With the words of ‘Your baby could be born any day now’ was music to my ears… followed by ‘….Or it could make you hang in there a bit longer’ such as the next 4 weeks that i have remaining.

Started parenting and birth classes as well. Learnt about the different stages of labour, breathing techniques, when to come/call the hospital, common symptoms of pregnancy and the do/dont’s of what to buy for bub.

Most of the other couples are not due until Jan-March, but there is another couple who are due 29th Nov, so im not the only ‘due soon’ person in the class.

Fingers crossed i make it to at least class 3 as thats when they do the tour of the wards and delivery rooms. Next week we learn about pain relief and watch videos.

When we left at 8.20pm the first thing i said to Craig was ‘ I cant do this, its to scary, is it to late to back out…?’. But I’ll be ok…. think positive :)

Only 2 days to my 24th birthday :D