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Last night we had our 4th class. We learnt about breastfeeding-how to do it, nappies-different options and how to fold and put cloth nappies on a baby.

Was only a short class, finished by 8pm. The lady in our class who got upset last week in the delivery room, she was due this Saturday, 1 week before me. Well Tuesday (21st) she had a baby girl and they named her Rose.

All the other couples in our group said next week will be my turn. I sure hope so!!

Had a hospital appointment yesterday as well. Everything is going ok. Heart beat was the clearest and loudest I’ve heard all pregnancy. Dr said ‘all the heart beat tells us is your baby is alive, not if theres any problems’. Not something id have expected to come out of a doctors mouth! We discussed induction, but they wont give me one because as it is i have a 10%chance of needing a c-section and if they induced it would jump to 30%. Dr is allowing me to go 14 days over..which would mean our bubba will be here no later then 16th December……soooooo far away!!

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