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Had another hospital visit today…beginning to get a bit sick of them. Any how, BP was good 138/80. My feet are like balloons but the OB was ok with it. Told her I’m over the pregnancy and just want bub out!! She laughed and said ‘had your BP been high today i would have admitted you and got you induced..’. DAMN!!

But any ways, bub is fine and bp good. So they are not seeing me for another 2 weeks now as everything is going well.

Tonight we have our huff and puff classes on again, this week we watch videos and learn about pain relief….yay!

Had the car seat installed the other day…. and the bloody thing is so big when you are a passenger you sit on a 90 degree angle and your knees are up on the dash….so now thinking we need to do something about the car situation. It definitely wont be a Melbourne to Sydney drive i will be going on cramped like that.

Had a good birthday on the weekend. :D

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