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Yesterday Craig and i done our final Christmas shopping. Now we have everyone covered, all tats left to do is wrap!!! I shall do that today.

Our shower base also finally started being fixed! Had to come back today to continue on with the job. In the meantime we have to have bath’s, and ours is soooo tiny. 1 cup of water and it’s full (only joking, but not far off it) LOL.

Chelsea also had her 2 week check up (all though she is 3 weeks old today).
The latest growths are:
* Weight: 3850g (8lb 7oz) a gain of 190g since last Monday and growth of 465g since birth
* Length: 50.8 cm growth of 2.8cm since birth
* Head circumference: 35.8 cm growth of 1.8cm since birth

All hips, reflexes, grip, head lifting etc all great!!

Only 3 more sleeps til we head off to NSW on our road trip and cant wait!!