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Yesterday Chelsea had her 8 week checkup. She is going very well!!:p

* Weight 4980 gm -Gain of 715 gm in 4 weeks
* Length 56 cm -Gain of 3 cm in 4 weeks
* Head Circumference 38.3 cm Gain of 1.3cm in 4 weeks

All up has gained (since birth):
* Weight: 1595 gm
* Length: 8cm
* Head circumference: 4.3cm

|-| We have needles booked in for Thursday morning and im dreading it already |-|

Well not a great deal has been happening. Chelsea has adopted a nick name of Moodle off her daddy…..and so has our new car. Now supporting plates of MOODL3. Craig loves it, moodle child and moodle car..LOL 😀

Moodle has grown sooo much, she has nice big plump cheeks and a smile to die for! When ever she sees me with my mobile phone camera she smiles nice and big. Will have to get the digi cam out and take some new ones…..she is just so cute!!

Started new mummies group last Friday….its not much fun, all stuck up bitches that go there. But its time out of the house so ill go back.

Other then that…nothing new to report on.

Last Wednesday Craig, Shane, Mick, Chelsea and me headed out to Altona for the government car auctions. Craig and i needed to upgrade from the Mazzy to a bigger car as Chelsea’s seat takes up so much space, as well as whenever we go anywhere we have to take alot for her. So any how…back to the auctions. It was stinking hot day (in temperature as well as a gross smell….later found out nearby they burn sheep skins..thats why it stunk)and we walked around all the cars again (we had also had a quick look on the Tuesday). Noted down the ones we liked and wanted to bid on. At 10am the auctions were off and running. We had to wait to car 60 before we even started bidding….unfortunately that car wasn’t to be ours. Time was getting on and so was Chelsea’s feed time. So Shane and me went into the air conditioned area while Craig and Mick went hunting for more cars to bid on. Chel’s had just about finished her bottle when Mick come back announcing ‘Craig just won a car’. Thoughts went through my head, what one had he won, had i seen this car, would i like it, gee i hope it wasn’t a lemon of a thing. It turned out an OK car. It is a BA XT Ford Falcon station wagon….or as i referred to it ‘The shaggin’ wagon’. LOL

Later in the afternoon once we had the funds in our hands, Craig and the boys went back to Altona to pick up the car. I stayed home with Chelsea.

Yesterday my Mazzy had to be registered in Victoria…which ment my personal number plates had to come off :(

It also now means it is up for sale. Yep, im parting with my baby to a new owner. It was a tough decision but we had no choice, it just was not big enough now we have a family. But Craig assures me as soon as we can afford it, he will get me a new car. I guess i can live with the shaggin’ wagon for a little while, but it will never be as good as Mazzy.

That is about all thats going on down here. Today is hot…38 degrees apparently. Hotter next week.

Chelsea now smiles heaps….looks so cute :D

Lilypie 1st Birthday PicLilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

Miss Chelsea now has new pictures on her website…..lots of them in fact!!

Well on Saturday 23rd December we headed off to NSW. We arrived at mum and dads a little after 7pm. What a relief it was too!

Sunday we just bummed around the house not doing a great deal. As per usual on Xmaz eve in our family we go out for dinner…so off to Chinese we went. Was yummy too. Was an early night as ‘Santa’ was coming…LOL

Christmas day Chelsea woke at 4am…..for a feed! Followed by sleeping the rest of the day on and off. She finally woke around 3pm and we decided to open our presents. We all done very well. Chelsea being spoilt….as if it would have been any other way!!! Once again…bed early.

Boxing day we hit the road again…bound for Newcastle! Everyone was excited to see us as we arrived a tad after 430pm. Granny couldn’t wait to see her new great grand daughter :)

Wednesday was a family gathering. A few of the relos come around for a BBQ lunch and a catch up/meet Chelsea…..and to be once again spoilt and cuddled and loved!!

Thursday…low and behold…we hit the road again…..bound for Lue this time so see Renee and the kids! Dannika loved her baby cousin and was the ‘dummy giver’. Every time Chels cried Danni would plug it back in again. Once again…. Chels was spoilt.

Friday…. yup you guessed it….hit the road again…. bound for Bundanoon….to our first destination of mum and dads.

Saturday Craig needed to buy some new clothes so we headed to Campbelltown to hit the shops. Followed by a lovely lunch at my friend Kristel and her husband Rod’s place. Was great to see them both again and see some sadly missed and familiar faces.

Sunday…..New years eve. I slept…all day!! I had to catch up on my rest while good ol’ Nan and Pa looked after their grandchild!! Had a nice dinner and settled in to watch the new year in. By the time midnight struck i was so tired i wanted bed….Chelsea had other ideas….she wanted a feed! So fed her and back to bed….

Monday-1st January 2007 :D

OH NO….. back in the car…bound for MELBOURNE..otherwise known as home :)

It was a shit of a drive too.. i was sick the whole way home, leaving Craig to have to do the whole journey himself. But once we got home i was glad…..done a quick tidy of the house….and hoped for an early night…. it wasn’t to be.

Chelsea decided to stay up, scream, cry, name it…..she done it. We ended up putting her into our bed….where around 5am she feel asleep :)

Yesterday Chelsea had her 4 week check up (but she is 5 weeks):

* Weight: 4265gm (gain of 415gm since 2 weeks ago)
* Length: 53 cm (gain of 2.2cm since 2 weeks ago)
* Head circumference: 37cm (gain of 2.2cm since 2 weeks ago)

She is under average for her age in all catorgories except HC…but the nurse is still pleased and nothing to worry about. She is just ‘petite’….lol

And on to other news now…Today we brought a new car :D

Its a Ford Falcon Station wagon…that’s about all i know. We got it from the government auctions.

Also…a big CONGRATULATIONS to Terry (Craigs’ best man from the wedding) and his wife Meredith on the birth of their 2nd baby boy, Declan Robert on 21st December. So now Liam is a big brother
Well done guys and the best of luck.:)

:D Chelsea now has new pics on her site for all to have a browse :D