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OK i had my dating scan done today. New EDD is Sunday 21st October 2007 :>>

Feeling great, no morning sickness. Our bubba is .46cm long….not even 1 cm!!!


I went to the doctors yesterday. According to my doctor ill roughly be due Monday 15th October 2007!! But as we are all not to sure on dates, i am having a dating scan done next Thursday for a more accurate EDD!

I had blood tests also yesterday|-|

Im off to work tomorrow!!!!

OK til i have some more news… thats all i have to say today!!!B)

Last Friday We jetted off to Newcastle to spend the weekend with the family! Craigs Uncle Murray and his 2 kids, Alexia and Nicky were over from Park City, USA. The plane trip up was great. Chelsea was asleep before we took off and woke up not long before we landed. The weekend was very full on and busy! :>>

Not much else has been happening. Im off to the doctors today for confirmation on pregnancy. Tomorrow we have a rental inspection. Thursday and Friday i start work!!

Sneaky Kim

Well this time im doing something sneaky. The only way my friends are going to know my new secret is if they read this site!!

Whats my secret?????


Due mid October. Im off to the doctors next week for confirmation and an EDD. SO when i know the finer details ill post again!!!


Yep my car has been sold.

Not much new here. On the weekend we went to Melbourne aquarium, had lots of fun!

We fly to Newcastle on Friday to see Craigs parents and uncle who is flying in from USA.

Ordered my Hug a Bub…still not arrived yet though :roll:

Other then that..nothing new to report…..for the moment ;)

Well yesterday Chelsea and me headed out to Bayswater to meet a lovely new friend off BB, a forum im a member of. We had a nice lunch and good chit chat. I tried on her Hug-A-Bub. Im going to buy one for Chelsea asap!!

Last night Jess and I worked on the new parenting and general lifystyle forum we have made. You can have a look at and if you like it…Join up! :>>

Other then that nothign else is new. Our plane tickets have been booked for next Friday. We are flying up to Newcastle to see Craigs Uncle Murray and his 2 kids Nicky and Alexia who are flying in from USA.

My car is now up for sale:

Madza 3 Neo 2005 model
Winning blue in colour
Asking $19,500 ONO!cs_content.private_vehicle?vehicle_id=3913121


Well today our brave little girl had her 2 month injections :'(

Jess come with me for mummy support….but i was ok…started to get a little teary but was fine. Chelsea screamed and cried…but only for about a minute then she was ok…Jess and Rylie went out into the waiting room (where she feel asleep), while i had my check up. All is fine with me…except i have a fissure.. and it hurts!!!!!!

Chelsea so far as no side effects other then she is really sleepy and a little irritable. Still :D and playing though.

Visited Rachel this afternoon….she is going well. Only has 4 and half weeks to go!!! Her bubby due 3rd March :p