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Well yesterday Chelsea and me headed out to Bayswater to meet a lovely new friend off BB, a forum im a member of. We had a nice lunch and good chit chat. I tried on her Hug-A-Bub. Im going to buy one for Chelsea asap!!

Last night Jess and I worked on the new parenting and general lifystyle forum we have made. You can have a look at and if you like it…Join up! :>>

Other then that nothign else is new. Our plane tickets have been booked for next Friday. We are flying up to Newcastle to see Craigs Uncle Murray and his 2 kids Nicky and Alexia who are flying in from USA.

My car is now up for sale:

Madza 3 Neo 2005 model
Winning blue in colour
Asking $19,500 ONO!cs_content.private_vehicle?vehicle_id=3913121

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