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On 8th March Chelsea and i flew up to visit mum and dad (Nan and Pa to Chels) and Craig stayed home as he has not been well. On the Friday we attended a funeral :'(

Saturday we headed to Campbelltown where i met up with Kristel..who took Chels off my hands while i went and enjoyed a 90 minute facial.. its was NICE! :>> i walked out to a screaming child….mine!!!! Ah wells….!

We then headed to Sizzlers where we met up with Erin and Gavin, Nikki, Melinda, Elinor, Trudie and Pete, Megan, Wendy and Stuart for lunch!! No one other then Mel and Kristel have met Chelsea so was a good afternnon and lunch.. and catch up session!!!

Then on Sunday We flew home. Craig met us looking very worse for wear. Not good at all. Come Monday he was getting worse so off we went to a new doctor…..he gave him double shot of antibiotics and sent him home with a script. Tuesday no better… and we end up at Dandenong public hospital, where he was admitted. Now he could not eat, drink, swallow and breathing was hard. I was a mess and had no help and no one to turn too. Craig remained in hospital for the week and wasnt allowed out until late Friday afternoon. Was good to have him home… but he still was my poor sick husband.

He is still sick but getting there….im taking good care of him.

This week my friend Kristel is down and its been great. Monday we went shopping….Tuesday i had a doctors appointment… we done nothing… and tomorrow i meet my OB for the first time as im going into a private hospital to have the next bub.

To top it off… My ex…..who im sure u all know (well people that know me will) has been giving me the royal shits yet again. Threatening to take legal action against me because i have not yet sent a stat dec to him to get my name off his rego….mind you its been 3 yrs and ive been telling him to do it….but NOOOOO it didnt suit him or in his words ‘i didnt have the time or effort to do it then’ but now expects me to drop everything to do it for him now. :crazy:
I swear he is a prick and he isnt a friend at all. If thats how he treats his friends.. by christ im glad im not one of them then

Now i have got that all off my chest im going back to my daughter….BTW..her website has now been updated…!! :p