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Craig, Chelsea and i would like to send out a big CONGRATUALTIONS to Rachel and Nanto on the birth of their beautiful first child…a little GIRL!

Grace Indiah was born on Thursday 8th March 2007 at 5.31pm weighing 3.5kg!!!

She is adorable, Rachel has sent me numerous photos and they should both be very proud!!

:>> Welldone guys! :>>

Well yesterday Chelsea who was very brave….had her 4 month needles :'(

She was a good girl tho….cried for a little bit…well more like screamed for a bit then she was ok. However lastnight was a different story. Nothing would calm her down, panadol wouldnt do the trick, or bottle or bath…. :>

But by 11pm she was buggered and dropped off to sleep.

Around 730am i checked on her and she was on her tummy starting to i put her in our bed, where she slept til 11am!

Not much else is new. Craig still sick but getting there.

We have BROUGHT A HOUSE!!!! In Narre Warren South….we move in around mid-late May!!!! Its so nice. 5 years old, 4 bedrooms!

Moodle2 is going well. Go back to doctors next week for hospital information. Did go to OB last week but we cant afford $2000 in out of pocket expences for a private hospital, so now going public…back to Monash where Chelsea was born.