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Well yesterday Chelsea who was very brave….had her 4 month needles :'(

She was a good girl tho….cried for a little bit…well more like screamed for a bit then she was ok. However lastnight was a different story. Nothing would calm her down, panadol wouldnt do the trick, or bottle or bath…. :>

But by 11pm she was buggered and dropped off to sleep.

Around 730am i checked on her and she was on her tummy starting to i put her in our bed, where she slept til 11am!

Not much else is new. Craig still sick but getting there.

We have BROUGHT A HOUSE!!!! In Narre Warren South….we move in around mid-late May!!!! Its so nice. 5 years old, 4 bedrooms!

Moodle2 is going well. Go back to doctors next week for hospital information. Did go to OB last week but we cant afford $2000 in out of pocket expences for a private hospital, so now going public…back to Monash where Chelsea was born.

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