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All booked in

Well today i headed off to MMC to book in for M2’s arrival! SOme of the midwifes/reception staff reconised me! I go back again on 16th May.

Got Chelsea’s 4 month professional pics the other day… will put them on her site soon :>>

Last weekend we went to a wedding.. Wendy looked stunning… had a fairly good time, had to leave early has Craig wasnt feeling to well. Chelsea had a great time with Nan and Pa for the day!

Not much else! :-/

We officially move into our new home on MONDAY 28th MAY 2007!!!! :D

YeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaw! I cant wait, means we finally get outta this dump they call a house!

What else…. this weekend we are off to NSW for a wedding. We are driving up :( cos Craig was so undecided abotu work times on Thursday etc….So we are leaving first thing Friday morning!

Mum and Dad will be watching Chelsea and they sound soo excited to have her… Just Nan, Pa and Moodle!

Be nice for Craig and i to be able to go out alone too without her, even though we wont be alone (like we will be at a wedding…not like just going out on a ‘date’ kinda thing).

Chels starts playgroup tomorrow.

Thats about all to report on!

Today Chelsea had her 4 month professional photos taken. They look so cute. We should get them within 2 weeks, cant wait to see them!! :p

Not alot else is new. Morning sickness still here but not too bad, just gets yucky when im hungry (like now). LOL

Will update when more info comes to hand.


I hope you all had a happy and safe one. We had a great day and Chelsea has some new cuuuuuuute pics on her site now

My god she is adorable and i love her to pieces!!!
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Down and out

Man what a weekend…..Chelsea was a handful.

Saturday we went shopping, i had to buy some clothes for a wedding in 3 weeks, got a lay by out for Miss and then done the groceries. Saturday night we went to Shane and Micks for tea….WELL didnt Chelsea perform. She was wingey so i rocked her to sleep. Then around 11 we come home… she proceeded to get worse…put her into bed….15 mins later she was crying and screaming so Craig checked on her to find she had spewed all through her bed.

Up she got for her 2nd bath for the night, new sheets and new outfit. Still wouldnt settle so had no choice but to put her into our bed. Which left our butts hangin’ off the edge which made for a shit night of sleep, or lack of.

Sunday she wasnt much better. I was feeling quite sick and spent most of the day in bed.

Then today… my god.. a horror again…. nothing will calm her. And im feeling energy and feel like i wanna cry.

On another note…our house has exchanged contracts!! YAY :p We now move in end of May! So cant wait to get out of this house… its driving me mental!!!

Not long to easter now!!!!! I have bought Chelsea some cute bunny ears for Sunday :)