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We had a great day….Chelsea got me some new slippers and a cute card….Craig also got me a beautiful card. Mum, Kathy and Granny loved their pictures of Chelsea in a frame….i loved them too!

Had an easy day… 9am wake up, done the call arounds…then got up and had lunch in the park….well in the car as Chels was passed out and didnt wanna wake her! Then came home…Chelsea had a sleep from 6.30pm-10pm!!!!

No idea how im going to get her to sleep tonight :roll: At the moment she is watching the car races and loving it!!

Lastnight we went to Jess and Phill’s wedding.. was a lovely night. Feel for the poor chook tho….Phill forgot the rings and the wedding didnt start til 4.30pm!! We had to be there at 2.30pm!! All in all the both looked great, Chelsea had a great time and was so well behaved.

Now only 14 days til our scan….woo hoo… getting excited now!! B)

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