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Yesterday we attended our first play group session. Chelsea didnt seem to enjoy it much as all the kids were older (2+ years) and there was nothing she could do (painting, cooking, play dough). SO she sat there, didnt laugh, didnt smile…nothing. Ended up falling asleep |-| Not sure if we will be going back again though!

Also in the middle of planning Chelsea’s Baptism… it will be held in July…just waiting on the church to call me back with info then invites will be sent out. Wont be getting many people as i know for a fact NO ONE other then our parents will travel from NSW. We are sick of having to go to everyone else… so this time we are having it at with all our future kids….time will tell our real friends and family!!

We have chosen Shane and Angela to be Chelsea’s god parents and they are thrilled!

Packing is slow.. we move next Saturday!!!

88| Only 4 days to my scan!! Woo Hoo 88|

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