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Chelsea has now got another toothy peg!! Right next to her first one… its giving her grief tho….screaming, crying and alot of wingeing. Cant be left alone, always wants to be held…even if she can see you she gets very upset :'(

Only 13 weeks and 3 days until M2 makes his/her arrival!! Getting very excited!!

Chelsea has her Baptism in 17 days… thanks all the slackers who HAVE NOT YET sent a RSVP card…or at least made contact with us. You know who are are and im not impressed.

Huge thanks to those who have made contact and we look forward to seeing you once again at a special time for us and our family.

Yesterday was our 1 YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!

I however was sick, and spent all day in bed while Craig watched Chelsea… who was an angel for him. Such a good girl!!:.

Today is also my nieces 11th Birthday..