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The birth of Jasmine Emily

Our little girl was due Sunday 21st October 2007. That day came…..and went.

Our story begins on Wednesday 24th October. I called the hospital to see if I could be seen earlier then 41+3 weeks (the following Wednesday 31st Oct). The receptionist said she would cancel an appointment on Friday 26th to fit me in. I got off the phone relieved I was going to be seen and a possible induction booked!!

Wednesday night rolled around…mum and dad were down from NSW to visit so we were chatting and watching TV. I kept getting pains….but thought nothing of it. I had pains on and off for the last week and they never eventuated more then just that…a pain. I mentioned to Craig they were coming every 10 mins but weren’t the *right* pains to be contractions. By 11pm they were becoming more painful and between 7-10 minutes apart.

We decided to head to bed as it might just be show time!!

Once in bed they became more painful and I knew they were not going away. Craig started dosing up on extra strong coffee while I planted myself in front of the TV. They were coming 5 mins apart by 4am and called the hospital. They told me to come in and see how I was going. So we called Jess my good friend to let her know what the game plan was.

We arrived at the hospital at 6am, shown to a delivery room and waited…..and waited and waited….7am a student midwife came in to have a chat and see where we were at and where to go from there. It was decided id be moved to an observation and monitoring room. I was hooked up to CTG and BP taken. The CTG was picking up heartbeat but wasn’t registering any contractions. 9am a doctor came in to do an internal. It was bad news. I was only 1cm dilated and she said that was only because I had already had a baby and it gave me the head start. We were told to go home and rest, come back when the contractions were 3-4 mins apart. I was shattered and couldn’t do anything but cry.

We arrived home at 10am…I headed straight for bed. Tried to sleep but was getting no where. I was in pain and just wanted to know why my baby wasn’t coming out still. Craig and I got up around 2pm and had some lunch, played with Chelsea and chatted to my parents. As the afternoon moved on… the contractions stepped up a notch.

Dinner was ready at 6pm…and I could hardly eat….id have a mouthful then need to walk around. I ended up in tears and demanding an epidural the pain was so bad. At 7pm we decided to call the hospital to let them know pain was to hard for me to handle and we were asked to come back in again. Called Jess again and she came over and off we went.

Got to Monash a bit before 9pm and I headed straight for the shower and immediately demanded drugs. I was given gas, it was heaven sent! Apparently I was getting high and was giggling complaining they needed to clean their showers!! A lot of the time I looked at Craig and very slowly asked WHY WONT THEY GIVE ME DRUGS?? But it appeared I only wanted them when I was having contractions and every other time I was fine and saying I don’t want them.

Around 9.45-10pm there was a shift change and a new midwife came to check on me. I was making noises they made her think I was ready to push and she made me get out of the shower and lay on the bed while waiting for a doctor to come check on me. Each contraction was so painful and I wanted the pain to go away. The whole time I was pushing without even knowing if I was fully dilated or not.

11.30pm the Dr on duty came in to do a check as they were going to give me pethidine. He said I was dilated and could begin pushing as much as I wanted. I remember looking at the clock and it was 11.45pm and the Dr saying the head was ready to come out and waters ruptured spontaneously. I reached down and felt her head. That’s when I knew my Princess would be born very soon. With each contraction poor Jess was nearly thrown off her seat cos id squeeze her hand so hard..i found strength I never knew I had.

One big push got her head out and Jess said ‘OMG Kim you have another little Chelsea’. 2 pushes later our princess entered the world at 12.06am on Friday 26th October 2007. I never imagined I could have a baby in 3 pushes!!

She was placed straight onto my chest and I felt so in love with her and so proud I managed the whole thing with only gas. I got a 1st degree tear that required 2 stitches.

Total labour time was 6 hours 14 mins.

1st stage: 5 hours 30 mins
2nd stage: 36 mins
3rd stage: 8 mins

Jasmines stats:
DOB: Friday 26th October 2007
Time: 12.06am
Weight: 3535 grams (7lb 13oz)
Length: 52 cm
Head circumference: 34.5cm
Apgars: 9 at 1 min, 9 at 5 mins

Jasmine was placed in a humidi-crib for 8 hours due to not being able to maintain body temperature. She was also on 24 hour observation because there was meconium liquor.

She is now thriving and we are one big happy family. Chelsea adores her baby sister. I can tell they will be the best of friends as they grow up together