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On Thursday 29th November we seen Chelsea become a big toddler!!!

Days leading up to her 1st birthday i looked back on the last 12 months, looked at her photos….it was sad to see her gorw into a girl.

On Saturday 1st December….we had a huge party for her!!

Photos now on her site:

Jasmine is growing big too!!!

RIP Bundy

On Thursday 15th November Dad had to make the hardest decision ever :no:

Bundy was not well. He could not breathe, he gasped for air. Life support with air into his lungs and lots of drugs was all that was keeping him going.

He would not make it through the night.

At the age of 14 years, we said goodbye to our long time mate.

Bundy is not at peace with all his angel friends looking down on us.

He will be forever remembered in our hearts and eyes.

Dad has buried him in the yard under a shady spot and will make a garden in memory.

CJ has missed his mate and will no longer go out into the back yard.

RIP Bundy…i love you matey :'(