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Well ive been busy updating the girls websites. Both have new pics from the last month….or 3!!

Chelsea turned 2 on Saturday..OMFG where is our little girl going??????? She wasn’t well though, has a cold. Poor Jasmine is pretty sick..her cold is really taking it out of her, plus she is teething.

BumbleBee is going well too. Definately confirmed a BOY!!!

His room is nearly all set up and ready to roll. Only 38 days to goooooooo :>>

Christmas is fast approaching…have i told you I HATE CHRISTMAS….Craig is sick of me saying it…but its so horrid. Not sure what we doing yet, probably go crash Cheynes family day.

Well thats about all really…life sucks and nothing ever happens.

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Looking good Chelsea…the countdown to 3 years old begins!!!

Lilypie 2nd Birthday PicLilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker

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New tickers!

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Lilypie 2nd Birthday PicLilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

Sunday 26th October 2008 seen out Princess turn ONE :>>:>>:>>

On the Saturday we had a Ladybug party at mums to celebrate. It was a fantastic day and Jasmine looked adorable. I have pics on Facebook until i get faster internet to upload them on to her site!

Chelsea is TWO in 27 days :):):)
She has grown up soooooo much now. Where is my little girl going??

BumbleBee is going well. Im now over 30 weeks and counting down to we can meet our little man. I have a 4D scan on Sunday 23rd November and i am so excited.

Thats about all thats been going on. Weather is heating up and im not coping to well. I have odema in my ankles so the hospital is keeping a close eye on me incase PE sets in!

OMFG…we are crazy… if you head to Beyond Belly, you can have 30% off storewide :>>

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Due to personal circumstances Craig and i have decided to say farewell to Beyond Belly and we are closing down :(

So now is the perfect time for you to all get some great deals. Please do not feel bad if you buy things cheaper then what they should be, all stock must go.

Its been a hard choice and one i’ve not taken lightly but it has to be done.

We are starting with reducing all stock by 25% off the listed price. This offer is storewide.

Im guessing that come mid October Beyond Belly will be gone.

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Id like to take this oppurtunity to say THANKS to everyone who has supported Beyond Belly since it was launched 13 months ago.

*** ***

Chelsea and Jasmine are going to be BIG sisters!!

Baby #3 is on the way and is commonly referred to as BumbleBee.

We first found out BumbleBee was a girl…but have had a further scan and we are in fact having a BOY :D:D:D:D

Our Blue BumbleBee is due 8th January 2009…a nice belated Xmaz present!!

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Well these days a smack is that…a smack, a light tap, a harmless warning of ‘Dont do that’….but to most in the F**ked up community it means your abusive or violent towards others, those namely your kids.

Thats exactly what has happened in my case. I belong to a forum i USED to love and look forward to going to. I have met some great people and have always been there for me and so supportive..

Until Tuesday…when shit hit the fan. You see….some people read into things more then they should, then you get this label of “abusive mother towards children”…nice huh.

So to you…i say GET F**Ked….you dont know me…my family or my situation….im disgusted in it all and by god..i have a great case for the courts should i see fit.

I wont bother saying the forum name…but rest assured….its a well known popular one that is highly ranked in google…its not that hard to find…BB…YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED >:(>:(

The new do!

I got my hair done!!!

Im now a red head with a fringe!!! :p

Chelsea is now 20 months old and a little angel!
Jasmine is 9 months and now rolling and nto far off Crawling :>>

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