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Well our Princess is nealry 5 months old now!!!

Last check up Jasmine was 68cm long, 7.9kg, and doing very well!

She sleeps through the night and is a great baby. Hardly cries. Chelsea adores her so much and i cant wait til they can play together!!

Smiles are huge and has the cutest little giggle ever.

Thats about all to update for the moment!!!

Pics are always being updated on her site

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Well our baby is now 15 months old….well nearly 16 months very soon!

She has 13 teeth and growing so big. Talks alot. Her vocab consists of:

1. Dont do it
2. Stop it
3. No
4. Whats that
5. Buh Bye
6. Mum/dad/sissy/nan
7. Pup pup
8. Car
9. Why
10. Oh no/Uh oh
11. Hello

So a lot!!!

Pics always being update on her site!!

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We have our own blog for Beyond Belly now. It has lots of articles, product reviews, current sales and much much more!!

So head over to now and have a peek!!!