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Right *spanks my tooshie*….time for an update!!!

Chelsea is nearly 17 months old and Jasmine 6 months old. Where the hell is time going. It seems like only yesterday Jasmine was born and Chelsea turned 1!!

I done a quick weigh and measure on the weekend. Jasmine is 70cm and 9.3kg and Chelsea is 75cm and 11.3kg. So not much separating the 2 girls ;)

Beyond Belly is going well. We have alot of new stock now from BumGenius, Bubblebubs, and Haute. Right now theres a 15% off all Monkey Doodlez stock and also Free shipping on order over $150 :D

Jasmines Baptism is soon, just waiting on a set date. However we have finally agreed on God parents. God Mummy will be the beautiful Angie and God Daddy will be the gorgeous Matthew! I think we have made a great choice and the best 2 for the job.

Not sure the dress will fit however…so may have to buy a new one :-/

On Friday we are jetting off to Newcastle to see Kathy, Peter and the family. Cant wait. Will be Jasmines first flight too :)

Thats about all i think…ill try update again soon!

P.S….as always new pics always going up on the girls sites!!!!!