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Well these days a smack is that…a smack, a light tap, a harmless warning of ‘Dont do that’….but to most in the F**ked up community it means your abusive or violent towards others, those namely your kids.

Thats exactly what has happened in my case. I belong to a forum i USED to love and look forward to going to. I have met some great people and have always been there for me and so supportive..

Until Tuesday…when shit hit the fan. You see….some people read into things more then they should, then you get this label of “abusive mother towards children”…nice huh.

So to you…i say GET F**Ked….you dont know me…my family or my situation….im disgusted in it all and by god..i have a great case for the courts should i see fit.

I wont bother saying the forum name…but rest assured….its a well known popular one that is highly ranked in google…its not that hard to find…BB…YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED >:(>:(

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