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Sunday 26th October 2008 seen out Princess turn ONE :>>:>>:>>

On the Saturday we had a Ladybug party at mums to celebrate. It was a fantastic day and Jasmine looked adorable. I have pics on Facebook until i get faster internet to upload them on to her site!

Chelsea is TWO in 27 days :):):)
She has grown up soooooo much now. Where is my little girl going??

BumbleBee is going well. Im now over 30 weeks and counting down to we can meet our little man. I have a 4D scan on Sunday 23rd November and i am so excited.

Thats about all thats been going on. Weather is heating up and im not coping to well. I have odema in my ankles so the hospital is keeping a close eye on me incase PE sets in!

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