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The birth of our overdue BumbleBee

As the week before my due date 8th January 2009 approached I began to have panic and anxiety attacks. They often would strike at night in the middle of dinner. I would be eating then freak out and begin crying, shaking and feeling like I was in my own world…lost and alone.

I had a hospital appointment at 40+1 weeks. I was already over due and every appointment prior to this I was told ‘not long to go now’ or ‘any day now’. I never held them to their words. I knew babies were unpredictable and come when they are ready. I’d been having quite a few false alarms by then and I was getting over being pregnant. The OB offered to do a VE and a S&S, I couldn’t say yes quick enough. S&S was done and I was 2cm dilated already. I went home and a lot of mucous with blood began. I done some research and wondered if it would quick start labour for me. Well it didn’t. It did nothing but stir up mucous for the next few days.

On the night of 14th January, 40+6 weeks, 6:30pm, while eating dinner an almighty pain hit me. I had to stand up and hold my stomach. OUCH….was this the start of things? I began to watch the clock. 8 minutes later that pain hit again. I tried to ignore the pains coming and going. I’d had this earlier in the week and nothing eventuated from it. I went about getting Chelsea and Jasmine ready for bed, cleaning the kitchen and other duties that all of a sudden just had to be done. I sat down finally to spend some time on the computer around 9:30pm and was having MSN chats with some friends. I mentioned the pains to a few who immediately began getting excited. I told them not to be…they would be gone soon enough.

By 11pm the pains were still hanging about and now around 6-7 minutes apart. I thought maybe it would be a good idea to go to bed. I was pretty tired anyhow, and if it was the real deal, I had no idea how long id be in labour for. Craig sat up and watched some TV and came to bed around midnight.
I tried sleeping but it was impossible. The contractions were now coming every 5 minutes and very regular. By 1:30am I had to walk every time one hit. I couldn’t sit down or lay, it just hurt so much. I woke Craig and told him what was going on. He told me to SMS or call my gorgeous doula Relle and give her a heads up on what was going on. I sent her a SMS and I got a quick ‘So what’s the plan of attack’ in reply. At that point I still wasn’t convinced it was all happening. Craig said we should call the hospital to see what they thought.

Contractions now around 4 minutes the hospital asks for me to come in ASAP after getting the girls organised for a friend to come pick them up. I call my friend Jess and she says she’s on her way. I run around packing last minute clothes for the girls, organising bottles, grabbing the camera and phone charger. Pains were getting really bad and I’m continually being forced to lean over the kitchen bench. I call Relle again to say the hospital want me there and we agree that when we are leaving to go, call and she will head over to Monash and meet us there.

Jess arrives around 2:30am. I’m still telling her I’m not in labour and I’ll be sent home more then likely. I get the girls up and I’m saying my goodbyes, I have tears streaming down my face. My poor girls have no idea what’s going on, they are tired, but go with Jess. Craig and I hop into the car and head to the hospital. The time is now 2:45am. Once on the road things stop. No pains, no movement from BumbleBee, nothing at all. I knew it , I wasn’t in labour afterall. Of course once we get on the road the hospital is on, BAM the contractions are back. We park and I walk to the main entrance. A security guard sees me in crippling pain and lets me in through the main doors instead of walking all the way to Emergency.
Once we get to the delivery suite we are shown to our room. It is now 3:15am. We have a lovely British midwife, Bev. She asks the usual questions and I try to answer. Things are going fast and contractions are about 2 minutes apart and lasting what seems like a life time. I take to the table once again to manage pains. Every time a pain hits, in my head I’d chant ‘I can do this, I can do this’. It worked!

In the middle of a contraction Relle arrived. I was ever greatful to see her face at last. She began getting me comfort items. Water, bean bag, fit ball and kept me calm and focused. Bev asked if she could check bubs heart beat and see how far dilated I was. In order for her to do that I had to get on the bed. Something I just wasn’t sure how I was going to manage. I still couldn’t sit or lay down. Bev promised to be quick so I agreed. Heartbeat was good and bub was happy. She then did a VE. The minute her fingers went in I remember her saying ‘Oh Hello baby’ and explaining the head was right there ready to go and the membranes were bulging. I was informed I was 8cm already. Bev went to take her hand away and a contraction hit, I asked her to leave her fingers inside, it was taking the pressure off my cervix and it no longer hurt. She waited until the contraction stopped and then moved her hand away, only for another contraction to hit and I had to get off the bed and take to my table position once again.

Bev asked if I wanted to hop in the shower, which I did. I wasn’t in there to long when I felt the urge to pee, but I couldn’t, so I thought I needed to push instead. Bev arranged for a birthing mat to be bought in as she could tell there was no other way I was going to birth this baby any way other then standing. The mat was layed down and sheets placed under me. Bev tried getting bubs heart rate but he had dropped to far down and wasn’t able to pick it up. I needed to push and I let Bev know. She said I could, ‘Go with your body Kim’. Craig was asked to push the assistance button as soon as Bev asked him to.
This was when the action began. Bev applied warm washers to my perineum to help with the crowning process later on and reduce the risk of tearing. Due to the membranes bulging and bubs head pushing so hard, gravity took over. The waters broke and bubs head followed straight through. No time for crowning. He was in a hurry. Bev quickly asked Craig to buzz for assistance. She needed help as I was standing and I wanted to delay cord clamping. Another midwife came in and helped Bev pass our baby through my legs and up onto the bed.

The time was now 4:24am, Thursday 15th January 2009 and I was at 41 week gestation. I had been at the hospital only 69 minutes.

He was gorgeous. He had the quietest cry. After a short time (not sure how long) his cord was clamped and Craig cut the cord. I was jabbed in the leg and got up onto the bed in order to push the placenta out. The whole time I held our little man. I was in awe. He was finally here.

Our little BumbleBee.
Our Zachery Liam.

Once the placenta was out and checked, Bev cleaned me up and noticed that there was a small tear that hadn’t stopped bleeding. I knew what that meant. More ouchy was ahead. Damn local injections!
At that point Craig went and got my bags. I never bought them up from the car, remember I thought I’d be getting sent home. The locals went in. Ouch Ouch Ouch. Ah it was numb at last and the stitching began. Only something wasn’t right. All of a sudden I could feel every time the hook went in for each suture. It was hurting and I’m asking Relle why it’s not numb and telling her it’s hurting. Relle speaks up and Bev says something about it, but I can’t remember what. I grin and bear it as much as possible. Craig came back through the doors at the exact moment it hurt so bad, all he copped was F**K. His face was of pure horror. Seeing his wife in stirrups, spread eagled and being stitched up all while mouthing swear words.

At last the suturing was finished. Zachery was handed back to me and we had our first breast feed. He sucked for dear life. All I could do was stare and admire him. He was finally here and our family was complete.

Relle said she would leave us to bond and I couldn’t thank her enough. She was my inspiration to keep going, my life line, my believer, my friend and most of all, my support person. She believed in me and I believed in her. With her help and encouragement I was able to achieve the birth I’ve only ever dreamed of.

On behalf of Craig and myself, Relle, THANK YOU!
You are the best and any mum to be that is guided through birth by you should be proud and thankful. You’re the best hun :p

The stats

Name: Zachery Liam
Date of birth: Thursday 15th January 2009
Time of birth: 4:24am
Weight: 3445 grams or 7lb 9oz
Length: 52 cm
Head circumference: 35.5cm
1st stage: 3 hours 10 minutes
2nd stage: 14 minutes
3rd stage: 6 minutes
Total labour time: 3 hours 30 minutes

DRUG FREE!!!!!! I never thought I’d ever have that…..but I done it….I am proud of myself!

Master Zachery Liam Marchant was welcomed into the world on Thursday 15th January 2009 at 4:24am. He weighed 3445 grams or 7lb 9oz, 52 cm long, 35.5cm head.

Speedy 3 hour 30 minute labour!!!!!