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Wow….Zachery is now 11 days old already….all the time he took getting here, then me going over due….time has flown!

He is going really well. I made the heart breaking decision to stop breastfeeding on day 7, but that was my choice. I just dont have the time with 2 other small children who need my attention. I cant be glued to the lounge all day feeding Zach. SO we now just express milk and he has 1-2 bottles of EBM a day and he seems to enjoy it. I do too, it means im still giving him something..rather then nothing ;)

Still got a gunky eye, had it since birth. On Saturday night i decided to take him to the doctors. I get there and they wont see him as he isnt on our Medicare card yet, they say i have to pay $53 for him to be seen. I agreed, i wanted his eye checked. Then their EFTPOS machine was down and the bithc said id have to go get cash out then come back. Stuff that, so i came home and have now just been putting breast milk in his eye, seems to be helping a bit.

Chelsea and Jasmine are well. They adore their baby brother. Chelsea is a real little mummy to him. Tells me when he is hungry, needs to go to bed, or if its time to make a bottle for him..:>>

Jasmine gets a little rough sometimes, but its when she gets excited cos Zach has moved or made a noise. She loves his feet too!

Zachery, like his sisters has his own photo gallery which can be found at

Kathy is due to arrive this Thursday evening and i cant wait!!!!!! Chelsea is excited Gan’ma is coming down too. Gee she is funny…when ever im on the phone to someone (anyone really) she always thinks its Grandma…LOL.

Other then that not much else is new. Have had a few hot days down her in Mexico. I think summer is coming to an end though.

Til next time…seeeeeeya :))