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Well what a year 2008 turned out to be. Where to begin….

January seen Craig back into Full time employment having spent 5 months at home with the girls and myself. With him going back to work and me being home alone with 2 small kids….well i thought id go crazy…and well..yeah i did :>>

March which was also Easter time seen Mum and Dad come for a trip to Melbourne. It was great to catch up and the girls adored having Nanny and Pa stay for a few days. Our good friends Cheyne and Mick also returned to Melbourne after moving to Canberra in August 2007 for work commitments.

April: Craig, the girls and myself headed off to Newcastle for the ANZAC long weekend. We decided to fly up….maybe not such a good idea. Chelsea was a handful who wouldnt sit still, screamed and chucked nice tanties. >:XX >:XX
Jasmine also began Family Day Care (FDC) 1 day a week with Chelsea (who goes 2 days a week).

May seen out 3rd positive pregnacy test. We were adding another munchikin to our expanding family! We decided to keep it hush hush until we hit 19 weeks and knew the gender of our 3rd baby.

June was a busy month as well. Jasmine had her Baptism and looked like a doll. My gosh she was gorgeous. She was unfortunately sick on the day with a nasty cold, but in true Jassy style, played the part well and good natured lapping up the attention.
At that point i was 12 weeks along and fortunately the morning sickness was so minimal no one knew or suspected a thing…EXCEPT Kathy. Craig and i often joke the house is bugged as she always knows our little secrets :))

In August the big day arrived. Ultrasound day. I was silently shitting myself thinking what will we be having. I had told myself it was a girl. Although the pregnancy had been very different i just thought it was a girl. So at 930am on the 19th August our fate was delivered. ‘I cant see what gender the baby is’. :no:
I was told they couldnt find the brain or bubs lips.
We left…me in tears and being told due to maternal features i was to return in 2 weeks. Maternal features was the kind way to say FAT ARSE!

Well i had to know the gender. Craig spent the afternoon ringing ultrasound places trying to get another scan so we could find out. No luck however. Except 1 place. Early Image…but we had to wait for them to call with an appointment date and time. The very next day i went to the doctors and got a new scan referral. When i arrived home i asked had Early Image called with a time…Craig said no, but to check my email. When i got to the computer there was a letter on my desk addressed to Mummy. On opening it, to my surprise, we had a gender determiaton scan booked..FOR THAT NIGHT!!!! Man i was soooooo damn excited.

Well off we went to hopefully find out our babies gender. We arrived and i was all jumpy. The sonographer was looking and looking. Then she said ‘We are just checking thats its only cord before we tell you what the gender is’. Well i knew there and then it must be a girl. Low and behold ‘Your expecting a GIRL’. We left. I called the parents with the news of our pregnancy and that they were expecting grand daughter #3 in January 2009.
It was a quiet drive home…i was bouncing with joy, Craig was devastated. I felt his pain. It was the pain i had when i found out Jasmine was a girl.

2 weeks later we were back at the hospital for our 2nd scan to find the lips and brain. This time we had a different sonographer. She couldnt find the heart…but there was a nice heart beat. We asked if she could see the gender. At first look she said ‘I think its a BOY’….ummm ok :?::?::?:
She had another look and bub had legs crossed…..>:(
3rd time lucky and we got the money shot…..and the words of ‘Im now more then certain, thats definately a boy’ and marked XY on the scan.

Well we had no idea….first being told a girl…then a boy….what was our baby |-|

Move to October and things were starting to go bad with Beyond Belly and we made the heart breaking decision to shut up shop and close the site down. It was a hard choice but one we had to do. The company is now in liquidation and should be finalised soon.

On Sunday 19th October we had our 4D scan on our baby AKA BumbleBee. We pretended we didnt know he was a boy, they were the original people that said we were expecting a girl. It was funny to see their faces when it was plain as day that our girl was definately a boy…there was no mistake!!!

Jasmine also turned ONE on the 26th October. We drove to NSW to have a Ladybug party at Mums. Jasmine was very spoilt and had a great day.

In November Chelsea was TWO. My gosh how fast they grow up!!

December was a busy month with Christmas and the new year approaching.

Of course i cant forget the many trips from Newcastle Peter and Kathy have made. Theres been alot so i cant remember when they all were!


Well its now 1st January 2009…..and our BumbleBee is due to make an arrival in 7 days. Whether he plays ball or makes us wait is up to him!

I want to say a huge thank you to all our family and friends on an up and down 2008….and we hope this year can be alot better then the last.

:>> Lets hope the next post i make is a birth announcement of our little BumbleBee :>>

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