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Blink and you might have missed the past 6 weeks!

Master Zachery Liam is now 6 weeks old and time isnt stopping for anyone..especially me who doesnt want her little man to grow up just yet :(

Not much has been going on. On the weekend we made the trip up to NSW to visit mum and dad, and Renee and the 3 kids came down too…was great seeing them all at once.

Our trip up (and back) wasnt to good though. The story is below:

Thursday night we set off at 10pm to head to NSW for the weekend. The family were yet to meet Zachery and my sister was making a special trip down (4 hours) to Mums to also meet him and catch up with the girls.

So in the car and off we gooooooo…packing was the easy bit….i had enough clothes to last a year i think |-|

We were finally on the other side of the city and Jasmine nodded off (YAY)…and soon after Chelsea and Zachery were out to it as well (triple YAY) :p

Around 1230am or so Zachery decided he wanted another feed. So we pulled into the nearest service centre and gave him a feed. Jasmine decided she wanted one too.

Went to change Chelsea’s nappy and her whole seat was wet…as were her clothes…damn nappy leaked BIG TIME….so had to pull the boot apart to get new clothes for her. Then find blankets to put under her to stop the new clothes getting wet.

Finally by 130am we were on the way yet again!!!!

Driving along we could hear a noise…sounded a bit like the spokes you had as kids on your bikes. So we found a truck stop and had a look. Well then we figured out we had no torch and it was pitch black :no:

So by mobile phone light it was clear the tyre was not in a good way…there was wire (mesh looking stuff) coming out everywhere, the smell was horrible, but it wasnt flat. Figured it would be best if we changed it anyhow. So out comes everything in the boot again to get the spare and the jack.

Jacked up the car to then discover it had a lock nut on it, and when we bought the car the old owner didnt leave the nut thingo to get the bolt off :>

To top it off i checked Zachery and discovered he had vomitted EVERYWHERE…it was puddled in his seat and all over him….so had to do a whole clothes change for him then!

We had no choice but to drive on to the nearest town and call RACV who then called NRMA to come help. By then it was 3am and we waited for NRMA to arrive.

Zach wanted another feed, so i fed him while the tyre was replaced. By 445am we were back on the road!

Finally arriving at mums a bit after 9am!

Saturday we took the tyre to get replaced to be told we were lucky to have survived driving with the tyre at all. Apparently all the tryes on the car were re-treads and not to safe 88|

So 4 brand new tyres later and $380 gone….the car was safe again!!!

On the way home (Monday) the trip was just as bad minus the tyre dramas….it took forever to get home due to road works, Zacherys continuous need for feeds and the girls just refusing to sleep

So there ya go….my #1 tip is dont travel with kids and make sure you have good tyres

On a side note…..Apart from the trip and and back we had a great time

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OK so where has the last 3 weeks gone?????????

Zachery has been earth side for 22 days now and ive enjoyed every day of my lil man. He is a true blessing :D

He he growing well, i can definately notice a growth in his length, but he doesnt seem much heavier, perhaps thats because im so used to picking up the girls, that when i pick him up, he is a feather!

Chelsea and Jasmine have been going to FDC and still loving it, still hate coming home when i pick them up in the afternoon :))

Last week Kathy came down. I think she had a good time with the kids. Down side was her stay wasnt long enough…LOL

We are planning a trip to NSW sometime this month. Not sure when. We need to get up and visit all Craigs relatives in Newcastle and also my parents, and would be nice to see my sister, but thats a huge trip. 3 towns, 2 toddlers, 1 newborn and a 12+ hour drive just to mums alone….. |-|

Tomorrow we are off to Billy Lids play centre for a meet up with some friends off BellyBelly, the forum i use. Unfortunately it is going to be 43 degrees so not sure if we will make it or not as yet!

Not much else is new……til next time…seeya :.