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OK so where has the last 3 weeks gone?????????

Zachery has been earth side for 22 days now and ive enjoyed every day of my lil man. He is a true blessing :D

He he growing well, i can definately notice a growth in his length, but he doesnt seem much heavier, perhaps thats because im so used to picking up the girls, that when i pick him up, he is a feather!

Chelsea and Jasmine have been going to FDC and still loving it, still hate coming home when i pick them up in the afternoon :))

Last week Kathy came down. I think she had a good time with the kids. Down side was her stay wasnt long enough…LOL

We are planning a trip to NSW sometime this month. Not sure when. We need to get up and visit all Craigs relatives in Newcastle and also my parents, and would be nice to see my sister, but thats a huge trip. 3 towns, 2 toddlers, 1 newborn and a 12+ hour drive just to mums alone….. |-|

Tomorrow we are off to Billy Lids play centre for a meet up with some friends off BellyBelly, the forum i use. Unfortunately it is going to be 43 degrees so not sure if we will make it or not as yet!

Not much else is new……til next time…seeya :.

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