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Well what can i say about miss Chelsea other then…i love her to bits!

She is getting very advanced with her speech, forever talking!!!!!

The back chatting isnt so nice however….nor is the smacking (we are always in trouble with her). She bites and pinches alot… |-|

She is going well at day care, has been doing lovely painting and pasting. I love when she brings home her art and craft..its so cute.

How fast time has gone…Chelsea is now 27 months old…before i know it she will be 3!

As most of you know Jasmine was a very different child when it came to solids.
While all other babies of her age were scoffing down solids….Jasmine was still just having her milk.

Around 9 months she turned the corner and began taking to yoghurts and custards….and the one vegetable, potato.

Now at 16 months im soooooo happy to report i have my healthy happy (and to me a new child) solid food eater at last!!!!!

Jasmine is now eating what ever we eat for dinner…most of the time double what Chelsea eats.

She eats biscuits, sandwiches, apples, grapes, chucky food…the lot!

She was 15 months eating nothing but yoghurt and custard…..Fast forward 1 month and totally a different child.

I knew she would have to begin eating food eventually, but just so proud with how far she has come :>>

She still has 3 bottles a day, but tbh..i dont care….the main thing is she is eating food and loving it!

Next step is teaching her to feed herself….right now she has no interest in it, but i know she will…she just amazes me when things change out of the blue!

Today our little man turns 8 weeks old :p

Time has flown since his much awaited birth. I cant help but sit here and reflect on the past 8 weeks. How far he has come. How much he has changed. How much love and warmth he brings me each and every day i wake.

So whats he doing now:

Trying to turn over

Other important things:

He is now in a size 000, some 0000 clothes fit but not many
He is stil wrapped at night to sleep, but by morning has his hands out
He favours his left side when sleeping
He smiles the most at his early morning feed
He is due for 2 month needles :'(

The other day the owner of Time For A Cuppa forum asked me to be a mod!! Of course i said yes…i love the site and id do anything to keep it going. I want people to join cos its an awesome place :>>