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Geez ive been slack AGAIN and not posted in agggggges :roll:

So best give an update.

3rd April seen Mum admitted to hospital with pneamonia. I was so worried about her and flew up on the 8th to stay with Dad for a few days and go visit her. After many drugs, scans and tests she was finally discharged on the the 17th…..14 whole days locked inside a hospital not getting much better. She is still off work and making a very slow recovery

Zachery had his 3 month check up and weighed 6.4kg, 63cm long and 41.3cm head. He is such a giggly bub and always smiling. He is also our first THUMB SUCKER :))

Jasmine is coming leaps and bounds. She is now on full cows milk and eatting every bit of food in sight. She is also talking more.

Chelsea..OMG she is a handful ;)
Miss attitude has been turned on in full swing now and leave lovely bite marks all over poor Jasmine. We have had a break through on bottles…NO MORE……she has given them up just need to work on the dummy and toilet training B)

As for Craig and me. On the 18th April we flew up to Kathy and Peters (with the 3 kiddies) for a week. On the 20th we drove down to Mums to visit them for a few days as well.

Craigs work has been very busy, currently doing migrations so he is out alot but its nearly all done :D

…and me….not alot is happening. Not sleeping very well and constantly have headaches…feel like im falling apart big time |-|

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