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Whats new?

Well seeing though its been 4 months since my last post….ALOT is new!!

Now 7 months old 88|
He has 2 bottom teeth
He has just begun rolling back to front
Solids he isnt interested….sounds familiar (Jasmine was the same)
At his last check up the stats were: 8.4kg, 72cm long… baby is growing fast

Now 22 months
Saying loooots of words
Loving her food
Picked out a new big girl bed, sould be here soon
Had her first air cut
Favoutite naughty act is Biting :no:

Now 33 months old
Miss chatterbox…never stops talking
Loving FDC still
Stared toilet training
Had her first hair cut…is now very short :D

On 16th August it was Zacherys Baptism, was a great day. Mum couldnt get down as she was to sick, afer a 2nd stay in hospital only a month prior. It was only a 1 week stay this time.

We have shut down our marine tank :'(

I cant think of anything else at the moment….im sure theres more!

While im at it…..if your looking for an awesome forum…come join the gang at Time For A Cuppa