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Ya see i have been accused of saying shit…which i didnt….ahhh the joys of stuck up bitches on the rag.

So lets see the post i couldnt post cos they all got scared and closed the thread:

Well….lets see….maybe if the ‘Modsquad’ came to me first inregards to the matter then MAYBE it could have been fixed as you all put it…but noooo…they just took it apon themselves to assume and act in a power tripped way.

Theres 2 sides to a story…but unless your a popular person they will out you.

Yes i have removed alot of people from my FB, not over this, but because i dont need people in my life i have very little time for or contact (or know for that matter).

This site is definately not the one i joined over 3 years ago, that i have supported via MPM, Platinum membership and recently life membership….hope you put my money to good use

Mods have removed all my access to the private sections and support groups that i need that i have PAID for….i was never asked about this so called ‘privacy breech’ and never got to back up what i was accused of. No evidence was even presented to me. I PM’d the mod who sent me the message…but alas, no response there either.

What am i supposed to make of a simple PM stating:

It has come to our attention that you have been passing on information from private user groups to other members of BellyBelly.
At BellyBelly we take breeches of privacy extremely seriously as there are members who share very personal information as we’re sure you’ve done as well. In order to maintain the integrity of our site your access to all private user groups has been removed & will not be reinstated, this also includes the platinum member group,

So what info….wheres the evidence…..NO WHERE..they are all fucked in the head and cant reply cos they are all power trippers