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Today is the 20th November……omg….9 days till Miss C is 3 88|

ALSO…..Kathy AND Peter will be arriving very soon too. Im so excited.

We have Wiggles concert on one of the days, im getting my hair done, and while they are down Craig and i have his works Christmas party on. Of course, travelling in to the city in style by Limo ;)

Also trying to think about Zacherys 1st birthday party, of course to be held at Mums house in NSW

Today I got a lesson in IP addresses from Craig – poor him!:))

Well today I asked Craig to explain to me how IP addresses worked – well after a lot of painful faces from him he finally gave me a blonde explanation :crazy:

I asked this – not to cause him pain or suffering (hehehe) but because I noticed on some of my forums I get many different IP’s coming up when I login.

Each computer on the internet has an IP address – a phone number for easier explanation. I’m lucky (or unlucky depending on your point of view) to have access to an iPhone. These sexy little phones can access the internet, so I can always login no matter where I am.

Since the iPhone accesses the internet from whatever repeater it is currently connected to, it appears I’m logging in from just about everywhere sometimes :p

So basically every time I logged in I was always coming from a different ip address. Try driving from Melbourne to Newcastle and see how many times your IP address changes ;D

Of course only a total nerd like him would know that – but hey, it’s still interesting.

So have YOU learnt something now :?::?: