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Today I got a lesson in IP addresses from Craig – poor him!:))

Well today I asked Craig to explain to me how IP addresses worked – well after a lot of painful faces from him he finally gave me a blonde explanation :crazy:

I asked this – not to cause him pain or suffering (hehehe) but because I noticed on some of my forums I get many different IP’s coming up when I login.

Each computer on the internet has an IP address – a phone number for easier explanation. I’m lucky (or unlucky depending on your point of view) to have access to an iPhone. These sexy little phones can access the internet, so I can always login no matter where I am.

Since the iPhone accesses the internet from whatever repeater it is currently connected to, it appears I’m logging in from just about everywhere sometimes :p

So basically every time I logged in I was always coming from a different ip address. Try driving from Melbourne to Newcastle and see how many times your IP address changes ;D

Of course only a total nerd like him would know that – but hey, it’s still interesting.

So have YOU learnt something now :?::?:

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