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Yeh yeh i know…im soooo slack with keeping my blog up to date. To be honest i forget all about it, hence the very few posts i make!

So whats new:

1. Jasmine turned 2 on 26th October….therefore i now have 2 girls that are ‘2’ at the same time!

2. Zachery is now rolling….a big development and ALSO eating solids :D

3. Chelsea is becomming little miss bossy more and more each day.

4. Craig has been working his arse off (hmm not that, that is new :roll:)

5. The girls have their combined party this weekend. Its predicted to be 35 degrees!

6. Summer has hit early in Victoria….having survived the past 5 days in mid to high 30’s, im dreading summer and what the temps will be

7. I turned 27…88|

8. Chelsea is 3 in 18 days :>>

9. On the weekend i made a Dorothy The Dinosaur cake. Pics can be found here:

Im sure theres much more but cant think right now!

Other then the fact i hate BellyBelly (see previous post) i cant say much more. I used to love the site. I supported them alot. I gave them alot of money via MPM, Platinum and Life membership as well as RAK day where i paid for 2 members membership.

They still have not provided any evidence of this accusation, and i doubt they ever will simply cos there is NONE. I never done a thing wron so how are they going to prove i did? :crazy:

For anyone ever wanting a recommendation for a great forum, BellyBelly would be the last on my list.

I would say head to Time For A Cuppa

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