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Well Saturday 5th December seen Kathy arrive. The kids went crazy when she arrived and immediately wanted to play.

Craig and me headed off to Costco to grab a few things.

On Sunday Peter flew in from WA…he was buggered. Kathy, the girls and myself hit the train and headed off to The Wiggles concert. Had an awesome day, long but tiring.

Monday Kathy and me went to FG to get the kids Santa pics done….man i ended up in them *shock horror…i look feral*…we also got some pics done at Candy Kids Photography.

Tuesday the girls headed to FDC…and i went to the hair dressers. Hair chopped and foils added. That night we had Craigs Christmas party….AWESOME night….yes…i got drunk…yes i cannot remember half the night!

Wednesday Kathy and Peter flew home. We had a ball with them here and the kids enjoyed it :>>

This week seen Mum and Dad’s house sell :'(:'(:'(
Whilst this is great news for them….its shitty news for me cos now Zacherys 1st birthday party had to be cancelled cos Mum has to move 4 days before the party was ment to be on.

Today is 15th December…therefore one month til Zachery turns 1 88|

Really not looking forward to Christmas….we cannot afford it…but i’ll try find some way to make the day special for the kids.

Big Congratulations go out to Wendy, Jo, Jay and Amy on their recent BFP news. Wendy is due next month..hope it all goes well hun!

Congratulations to Erin on her Engagement (oldish news but havent posted it yet…lol) :p

Last but not least, a forum plug:
Time For A Cuppa

Only 10 sleeps til Santa comes!!!