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Well seeing though Christmas has been…and gone i thought id do a recap of the past few days!

Christmas Eve the girls and i made cookies…they were easy to make and we had alot of fun. Before going to bed, Chelsea left Santa 2 cookies and a can of Coke…was yummy later on ;)

Christmas day began at 9am….Zachery was first up. The girls never woke until 915am. They had breaky and then we started on the presents. OMFG there were sooooooo many.

Half way through Zachery was tired so he went to bed.

After presents the girls played with there new toys while Craig and myself organised lunch.

Once lunch was over the girls went to bed and Zachery got up. He finished unwrapping his presents. By then we were all tired so Zach went back to bed….and so did Craig and me!

Christmas night we had left overs for tea

Boxing Day we headed to Cheyne and Micks for lunch. Both sets of parents were also down, so was lovely to catch up with them once again. The kids cleaned up on more presents. Very lucky children.

28th December

Mum, Dad, Rhiannon and Brendan arrived in the afternoon. Had a quite arvo and then BBQ chook and salad for tea.

Today the family returned for ‘Christmas Day’. Without a doubt the kids were SPOILT once again. My gosh they got alot.

Had a baked lunch. The kids then went for a swim and never wanted to get out.

Pictures of all our ‘Christmas’ day are on Facebook, as well as the presents received!

So thats out Christmas all wrapped up. It is nice to have it all over and done with for another year.

NYE we are not sure what to do….my guess is we will stay home and be bored shitless :lalala: