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Sooooooooooooooooooooooo badly its not funny.

I cannot remember the last holiday we had, or maybe i can, our honeymoon?

I cant count the times we have gone to NSW to visit relos, simply because it wasnt a ‘holiday’. We still had the kids with us, so no time to relax and get a full nights sleep ;)

Next month sounds good!

Kathy and Peter are currently in Thailand, they arrive back early next month. I hope they are having a good time. I think Kathy was getting me some perfume duty free…yay i love her sooo much ;D

A huge Congratulations goes out to my great friend in NSW, Megan.

Megan and her partner Kevin have announced they will be getting married.

Im so excited for them and wish them all the very best :D

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

My good friend Deb has asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next year. I was so shocked, but so very honoured to be asked. Of course i said YES!

I have less then 19 months til the big day

Now the weightloss begins…how the >:XX im going to be able to do it is beyond me, but ill get it a shot.

On Saturday Zachery had his small 1st birthday party. Keeping with his nickname pre birth, i made him a BumbleBee cake…looked damn good too :D

Thats about all for now…my head is hurting…damn headache wont budge :'(

Dear Zooki,

At this time 424am, exactly 12 months ago you were welcomed into the world after a 3.5 hour drug free labour. At first sight Mummy and Daddy fell in love with you.

Our little BumbleBee had arrived, our precious Zachery Liam.

I will never forget your first cry, when you would look up at me with your big blue eyes or when you fell asleep holding my hand ever so tightly.

Your big sisters Chelsea and Jasmine couldnt have asked for a better gift, a darling baby brother. They love and cherish you like nothing else.

As the months moved on, you grew into a little man, a toddler. A crawling, mischief making, blue eyed blonde haired Daddies boy.

We have loved every second of the past 12 months, we cannot wait for the next 12 months and beyond. You have brought so much joy to our family. Many tears, many smiles, many funny days and most of all your gorgeous happy fun going nature.

May you have a wonderful day Bubba and enjoy your party next weekend.

Love and Kisses

Mummy, Daddy, Chelsea and Jasmine

A friend of mine has recently started a forum for those supporting people with and suffering from depression, AND, PND, anxiety and other mental illnesses.

Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. It should be more freely talked about. I bet theres some one in your family, maybe even a friend that is currently a sufferer of an illness.

So come along and join Depression and Anxiety Forum today!

O M F G….Zachery is 1 tomorrow 88|
He also started FDC today, im sure Chelsea and Jasmine are taking great care of him…well the better be!! ;)

I use Facebook. I love it and it lets me keep in touch with family and friends.

Well, lastnight a bitch…i mean, a chick i used to go to school with commented on a status i had. My status said:

Feeling very tired all of a sudden

Nothing wrong with that..surely? WRONG

Her reply implied i am on FB all time. Whilst this is semi true, its not the case. FB is open all day long yes, but doesnt mean im on there doing things.

I have great friends, they served her up good and proper :))
As a result she ran away and removed me as a friend…LOOOOOOSER!

Anyhow…so do i work. Well if looking after 3 kids under 4 years of age 24/7 everyday of the year isnt a full time job…then fucks knows what is!

Im soooo bad..i forgot to mention another Congratulations to a special friend.
Deb and Rob, im so happy to hear of your Engagement on Christmas Day!!

I looking forward to hearing all about the plans for you special day :D

5 days til Zooki man is 1 88|

My friend from TFAC….Naomi and her fiance Ricki on their Engagement!!!
Im so happy for you guys….you going to make a gorgeous bride hun :D

In other news….Zachery is now saying DAD DAD DAD ….ahhh Mum Mum Mum will come sometime soon…i hope!

Zachery also starts FDC next Thursday, 1 day a week. I hope he likes it.

Girls are going well. Miss bossy boots (Chelsea) and Miss lulu bridges were up to no good tonight however. They decided it would be great fun to get the bottle of orange cordial… need to say anything more >:XX>:XX>:XX>:XX

8 days til toodler-hood begins 88|

Gee i cannot remember half the year…how sad am i!

Our BumbleBee was due on the 8th….that day came….and went. While i sat around the house feeling miserable i knew he would have to come eventually. A good friend i met via a forum was also due on the same day…and like me, the day came and went as well. We both decided our boys (she was having a boy too) were planning something and were going to be born on the same day. Fast forward to the 14th, i was 6 days over due and something happened…those pains you wait for to signal a bub was on their way. I didnt think it was labour. By midnight i hit the sack, not that i could sleep, i couldnt lay down as i was in pain. By 315am we were at the hospital. Low and behold, just 69 minutes after arriving, at 424am after a 3 hour 30 minute DRUG FREE labour, 15th January, 41 weeks pregnant, our baby BumbleBee arrived, our Zachery Liam :D:D:D

It turned out my friend, like we said would happen, her son was born the exact same day, only hours after Zachery was born. Im sure the boys have some kind of bond for life now, i know i have a special friendship with mum, love ya Deb :)

We made the journey up to NSW. What a dreadful trip. The tyres went feral, had to get NRMA to help out. Brand new tyres on the car. Stayed at mums and Renee and family came down to meet Zachery and catch up with the rest of the family. Also caught up with some old friends for lunch at Sizzlers. Also made the trip up to Newcastle to see the relos there too.

This month began the run of bad health for Mum. She was admitted to hospital with pneamonia. She was locked in hossy for 2 looong weeks. Sadly, she was in there over Easter. I made the flight up (alone….Kathy flew down to help Craig) to spend time with mum and dad.

We all flew up to Newcastle for the yearly catch up with Craigs Uncle Murray and his kids, Lexie and Nick who live in USA.

Umm…NFI what happened…LOL

Craig hit the age of 28 :oops:
Kathy flew down to spend a few days with us, Craig and myself went away for the weekend to celebrate his birthday and our upcoming wedding anniversary.

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.
Sadly 2 of Craigs family members were in a fatal car accident. Craig flew up for the funeral whilst i stayed behind wranggling (to bad if that aint a word) the 3 kids alone :lalala:
On one Saturday morning i had an unconscious collapse whilst changing Zacherys butt. Ambulance was called and i was taken to Casey hospital. I was there for around 6 hours before being allowed home. They dunno why it happened, but put it down to exhaustion. Kathy flew down for a few days while i recovered.
Another health hit and mum was admitted to hospital once again with pneamonia.

Due to Mum being so sick, she was unable to make it down for Zacherys Baptism which was held on the 16th. Not many family members or friends could make it, but it was a special day for those that could come. Dad, Renee, Brendan and Rhiannon made the trek by car, Kathy flew down!

Umm…dunno what happened again..LOL

Miss Jasmine turned 2!

I turned….27 :oops:
Miss Chelsea turned 3!

Nan had a stroke and was flown to Sydney due to loosing her sight. They operated and she was able to gain some sight in one eye, but the other wasnt so lucky. Mum visited her daily.
Sadly a school friend passed away, a week before Christmas, she leaves a husband behind :(
Peter and Kathy flew down for a 5 day trip. Whilst they were here, Kathy and i took the girls to the Wiggles concert, got Santa pics and even professional pictures of the kids done!
Zachery began crawling and said his first words…GET UP…..nice one Zachy :>
Oh..and we cannot forget the IntraIP Christmas party. We travelled in a stretch limo into Docklands, then we had a yummy meal. Followed by more grog in the limo…and i have to mention THE HOT LIMO DRIVER :p:p
Once we arrived back in town, we partied on at Cheynes place….lets say i dun remember much after that….LOL
Christmas was a quiet one at home with the kids. Boxing day we went to Cheyne and Micks for lunch and had a great time. The kids were spoilt all round between friends and family.
After Christmas, Mum, dad, Rhiannon and Brendan popped down for a few days. So we had a post Christmas lunch.
NYE was spent at home watching the dreadful 2009 Aria countdown…then the piss weak SYDNEY fireworks cos Melbourne are tight arses and couldnt afford to televise them!

So here we are…Tuesday 5th January 2010….the new year. I hope this year is better then last year!

Craig and i would like to thank all our family members who have made the special trips down to see us over the year, its a long way to come so we really appreciate the effort.

On Monday Jasmine had her 2 yr and Zachery his 12 month health check up.

OK check up went well…AND for the first time in 3 years i NEVER got any lectures 88|

Weight – 12.6kg (@18 months 12kg) = Gain of 600grams
Height – 92.5 (@18 months 85.8cm) = Gain of 6.7cm

Weight – 10.4kg (@ 8months 9.170kg) = Gain of 1.23kg
Length- 78.5cm (@8 months 75cm) = Gain of 3.5cm
Head – 47cm (@8 months 46cm) = Gain of 1cm

She isnt worried about Zach’s speech (or lack of words), she was very impressed with how far he has come since last check up with his motor very proud mummy now!!!!!

10 days til Zachery is 1 :'(
Where is my baby BumbleBee going? Party is scheduled to take place Saturday 23rd!