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I use Facebook. I love it and it lets me keep in touch with family and friends.

Well, lastnight a bitch…i mean, a chick i used to go to school with commented on a status i had. My status said:

Feeling very tired all of a sudden

Nothing wrong with that..surely? WRONG

Her reply implied i am on FB all time. Whilst this is semi true, its not the case. FB is open all day long yes, but doesnt mean im on there doing things.

I have great friends, they served her up good and proper :))
As a result she ran away and removed me as a friend…LOOOOOOSER!

Anyhow…so do i work. Well if looking after 3 kids under 4 years of age 24/7 everyday of the year isnt a full time job…then fucks knows what is!

Im soooo bad..i forgot to mention another Congratulations to a special friend.
Deb and Rob, im so happy to hear of your Engagement on Christmas Day!!

I looking forward to hearing all about the plans for you special day :D

5 days til Zooki man is 1 88|