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Dear Zooki,

At this time 424am, exactly 12 months ago you were welcomed into the world after a 3.5 hour drug free labour. At first sight Mummy and Daddy fell in love with you.

Our little BumbleBee had arrived, our precious Zachery Liam.

I will never forget your first cry, when you would look up at me with your big blue eyes or when you fell asleep holding my hand ever so tightly.

Your big sisters Chelsea and Jasmine couldnt have asked for a better gift, a darling baby brother. They love and cherish you like nothing else.

As the months moved on, you grew into a little man, a toddler. A crawling, mischief making, blue eyed blonde haired Daddies boy.

We have loved every second of the past 12 months, we cannot wait for the next 12 months and beyond. You have brought so much joy to our family. Many tears, many smiles, many funny days and most of all your gorgeous happy fun going nature.

May you have a wonderful day Bubba and enjoy your party next weekend.

Love and Kisses

Mummy, Daddy, Chelsea and Jasmine

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