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On Monday Jasmine had her 2 yr and Zachery his 12 month health check up.

OK check up went well…AND for the first time in 3 years i NEVER got any lectures 88|

Weight – 12.6kg (@18 months 12kg) = Gain of 600grams
Height – 92.5 (@18 months 85.8cm) = Gain of 6.7cm

Weight – 10.4kg (@ 8months 9.170kg) = Gain of 1.23kg
Length- 78.5cm (@8 months 75cm) = Gain of 3.5cm
Head – 47cm (@8 months 46cm) = Gain of 1cm

She isnt worried about Zach’s speech (or lack of words), she was very impressed with how far he has come since last check up with his motor very proud mummy now!!!!!

10 days til Zachery is 1 :'(
Where is my baby BumbleBee going? Party is scheduled to take place Saturday 23rd!

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