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Today was Chelsea’s first day of big school (well Kindergarten is pretty big for her)!

She had a blast. Didnt cry when we left..but OMFG performed a treat when she had to leave :>

Chelsea goes to ABC 2 days a week.

Jasmine and Zachery go to FDC 2 days a week as well…woohoo for me..2 days a week KID FREE ;)

On 29th January after 6 long months of trying to concieve baby #4, Craig and i got our BFP :)
I done another test on 1st February and again, another BFP.

So thats that happy part….the sad bit is as follows:

Whilst visiting Kathy last week i began to bleed. At the time we had no idea when our baby was due. We were due to have a dating scan this coming Thursday.

On Tuesday, After 2 days of bleeding, Craig took me to the JHH (John Hunter) hospital.

They done blood tests. HCG was at 5912, which to them was acceptable range for a 6-7 week gestation baby.

I was sent for an ultrasound. Abdo scan showed a sac, but couldnt get a clear picture, so i agreed to an internal scan.

This showed a sac and baby of 6w4d, sadly only a heartbeat of 70.

I was pretty much told our pregnancy would end in a m/c, but no one knew when.

On Wednesday 17th February our angel grew her wings…6w5d

In our heart we truely believe our baby was a girl and we named her Melanae Lily (aka Raindrop).

This was my first m/c. Tomorrow is 1 week since we lost our bub, i cannot stop thinking of her passing. Questioning WHY….why me, why us, why didnt she make it… so sad and i have no support where i live from family or friends.

I really wish i had family down here, we need all the support we can right now

RIP baby girl…you were to beautiful for this earth :(

1 Year On… We Remember Those Whom Ran From It, Those Whom Have fallen and The Ones We Loved And Cherrished. 1 Year on… We Remember The Brave Souls Who Fought It. 1 Year On… We’ve Rebuilt and We’ve Changed. Victoria’s Worst Natural Disaster. 1 Year On… We Remember….. 7/2/09. R.I.P. Gone but NEVER forgotten.

Today (7/2/10) is the first anniversary of the Black Saturday Bushfires, I would like people to post this as a mark of respect for the 173 victims who lost thier lives through this huge disaster and that we are thinking of the families who are still living with the trauma of losing loved one.

On Thursday 18th Feb Craig and I are flying to QLD for 2 nights…KID FREE!!!!!!!

The 3 munchikins will be staying with Kathy. Im really looking forward to a few days of couple time.

Chelsea has now been enrolled into ABC. She starts there on Wednesday 24th. 2 days a week.

Tuesday – FDC
Wednesday – ABC
Thursday – ABC

Jasmine and Zachery:
Tuesday – FDC
Thursday – FDC

2 days child free a week…and on Wednesday jsut Jas and Zach will be home :p