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On 29th January after 6 long months of trying to concieve baby #4, Craig and i got our BFP :)
I done another test on 1st February and again, another BFP.

So thats that happy part….the sad bit is as follows:

Whilst visiting Kathy last week i began to bleed. At the time we had no idea when our baby was due. We were due to have a dating scan this coming Thursday.

On Tuesday, After 2 days of bleeding, Craig took me to the JHH (John Hunter) hospital.

They done blood tests. HCG was at 5912, which to them was acceptable range for a 6-7 week gestation baby.

I was sent for an ultrasound. Abdo scan showed a sac, but couldnt get a clear picture, so i agreed to an internal scan.

This showed a sac and baby of 6w4d, sadly only a heartbeat of 70.

I was pretty much told our pregnancy would end in a m/c, but no one knew when.

On Wednesday 17th February our angel grew her wings…6w5d

In our heart we truely believe our baby was a girl and we named her Melanae Lily (aka Raindrop).

This was my first m/c. Tomorrow is 1 week since we lost our bub, i cannot stop thinking of her passing. Questioning WHY….why me, why us, why didnt she make it… so sad and i have no support where i live from family or friends.

I really wish i had family down here, we need all the support we can right now

RIP baby girl…you were to beautiful for this earth :(

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