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OK now that ive got that out of my system…i can post 🙂

So in the Nestle free Easter group on Facebook right now is a bunch of people who are trying to boycott Nestle and Cadbury (mainly Nestle though) because they use palm oil in their chocolate and they are chopping down trees that the orangutans live in and replacing them with other ones to grow this unsustainable oil.

Something like that shit anyhow….dont really care about it to research it any more then that.

Nestle also ‘apparently’ give 3rd world countries formula and tell mothers breastfeeding isnt good and they should use formula.  So they do and then cannot afford to buy the product and due to the conditions being so crap with the water formula cant be made properly, therefore kids are dying.

This is Nestles fault…HOW???? Human race decides to breastfeed or formula feed..not Nestle.

So yes….i wont be boycotting either company….no intention of ever stopping with their products either. There is also a Facebook group running.

Maybe these people should starting looking at the world around them, support the homeless, support cancer research…and things would be better then trying to bring down two huge companies..maybe just maybe life would be better for alot more people!

Nestle and Cadbury own ALOT of companies…gee if we boycott them we will all starve and not live…

So to those boycotting…get a F**KING grip on life and get over it!!!!!!

I was meant to be going to MMC today for my maternity book in. Our circumstances have changed and i never got to go 🙁

Today im meant to be 11w6d but instead i am empty and with no baby.

Right now on TFAC there is a large number of women pregnant (6 to be exact). They vary from 37 weeks down to 10 weeks. I am happy for them, but geez its hard to read our happy they are and excited about their babies, their scans, genders and names for their unborn children. All the things i should be doing. Why am i being punished?

Im over the whole ‘It happened for a reason’ bullshit….yeah maybe it did, but it doesnt bring our baby back or make things any easier to deal with.

We have some lovely friends who have left so beautiful comments on Melanae’s Name in the sand. Im so very greatful for these words of love. I just hope more family and friends leave their comments over time.

In other news, Easter is next week, Kathy is meant to be coming down. It will be lovely to see her again and for the kids to spend some time with her.

Had to go to IGA today to get some bread. Across the road is a Salvo’s store. Ive been wanting to go into one for ages, but 1. Felt embarassed and 2. Couldnt bring myself to buy someone elses clothes. The last time i stepped foot into an op shop was when i was younger and looking for a party dress.

Anyhow, said to Craig we should go have a look. Got the bread and some money out and headed over. Well, as soon as i walked in i felt like i was in heaven!!!!

There was heaps of stuff to buy. Didnt look at the adult clothes, fat arses dont find clothes in ops shops. Moved on to the shoes, found lots id like, but couldnt do, i could NOT buy or wear someone elses 2nd hand shoes. So looked at the kids clothes instead.

Managed to find 2 sleeping suits for Zachery (one is a gorgeous Pooh Bear one),  jeans for Chelsea, PJ top for Chelsea (which still had the tags on, shame there were no pants to go with it), pants for Zachery and some forks for us LOL..

Im so in love with the shop i have to go back again soon 🙂

So there you go…my op shop shopping experience was successful

Today i was looking at the website that writes lost babies names in the sand. The one i put a request in for last week. It has been done!

Melanae Lily’s Name in the sand

Family and friends can leave comments on your page. I sure hope they do.

Its beautiful 🙂

So, for ages now ive been wanting a tattoo. Ive searched high and low for the perfect one…and ive found it. I just need to find out how much it will cost and find somewhere to get it done. Not sure if i should add some colour to it…will have to see. As you can see it has spots for 4 kids…so that means we need another baby LOL. I will get a separate tattoo for our sweet angel Melanae too.  Anyhow, here is what i want:

To my Dearest angel,

4 weeks…28 whole days has gone by since you grew your wings. Not a day has passed where i havent yearned for you to still be with us. To know why you are no longer with us. Why you were taken so early and why me. Why was i chosen to loose a miracle?

Each day has been hard. Seeing your sisters and brother playing and giggling. The things i will never get the chance to do with you. I often wonder what you would have looked like. Would you have blonde hair and blue eyes like Chelsea, Jasmine and Zachery. Would you have a smile that just melts your heart away. Maybe you have a cheeky trademark. Im sorry sweetheart i will never know these things.

Yesterday morning Chelsea came up to me after i stepped out the shower and touched my belly and said ‘Baby’. How i wish that was true. Sadly i said ‘No baby Chelsea, baby gone’. She doesnt understand though, not until she it older when i can tell her about you.

On Monday i requested your name to be written in the sand. I should have that back in around 2-3 weeks. I cant wait for you to see it. I will be getting a photo as well, then i’ll place it on the wall. I wont ever forget you, but this will be my cherished memory of you.

I still havent been able to throw out the 2 BFP tests. They live on the kitchen bench where i can see them all day when ever i get a drink or snack. It hurts to see them, but you gave me the best 6 weeks of my life before you left.

Hopefully your playing up there and having so much fun. Im sure theres lots of angels to share your life with. One day we will meet again.

Until then sweet Melanae, i love you lots and lots.


Im so in love with this site. Tomorrow i will be putting in a request to have our lost bubs name written in the sand. You can visit To Write Their Names In The Sand to find more information and see what an inspirational idea this special person does for grieving parents.

Im sick of staying home. Today was a family outing!

So we decided to head off to the Casey Kids Carnival held over in Berwick. We got there around 1130 and it was PACKED! Had a browse around but was so busy.

The face painting lines were huge, the jumping castle lines were huge…everything was…HUGE. To top it off it was a stinking hot day and i felt yuck. Craig and I decided to get the girls a small gift each. On the way out to the car we stopped to take some pictures in the gorgeous walk way.

We then head off to Lollipops Playland.

The 3 kids had an awesome time. Even Zachery got in and had a play (which i didn’t think he would). Chelsea being the ‘no fear’ child that she is decided she would test out the big slides…and she conquered them without hesitating. Jasmine even tried new things she wouldn’t have done before (like walking across the bridge to get to the small slide in the toddler area).

Sadly our great day out ended up in Casey Emergency. Jasmine some how sprained her ankle while playing. No major fractures, but the Dr wasn’t ruling out a possible minor one. She is in a pit of pain tonight, but will make a full recovery very soon.

Dropping Chelsea off to ABC was good. She didnt cry!!!!!! Walked in…and Chelsea took off….out of sight..didn’t care. It was a good morning 🙂

On the other hand, Jasmine was upset when i dropped her off at FDC because Zachery wasn’t with her today. He was sick so i kept him home. Jasmine was happy when i picked her up however.

Not much else is new. 4 days until Master Z is 14 months old…where in the world is time going??

Why not pop onto Time For A Cuppa and meet some new faces, talk about your kids, maybe your TTC journey or even anything in general. We are a lovely bunch of fun ladies who love a good chat. Very supportive and definitely dont judge like other forums do.

Also want to do a shout out for a great friend, Jess. Jess is the mastermind behind MWWAH – Mums Who Work At Home website. This is a great portal for supporting WAHM businesses and finding awesome places to buy items for your kiddies and home. If you have any questions, Jess is more then happy to help you out!

Another shout out goes to Tamara and her hard work setting up a Depression and Anxiety forum. This forum is to support people with mental illness, or people supporting others through their journey. Another great bunch of people who are very supportive and full of advice.

If there is anyone wanting to add their website / Business to the link section please leave a comment. Or if you would just like a shout out…leave me a comment and ill do my best to promote it!

Now and then i pop over to Essential Baby Forum have a read and post a few questions. Anyhow, theres alot of lovely ladies who make signatures for other members. I just HAD to have one. This was the end product (Well 1 of 3 made):