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Adding Links

Hey everyone, If you would like you blog, website or business added to my Links…let me know and ill be happy to add them 🙂

Just leave a comment!!!!

Well i thought id get with the times…and ive now moved to WordPress 🙂

It might take me a while to work out just what the hell im doing, but hopefully now i can add pics and stuff to make my blog just that little more interesting.

Leave comments if you wish..but if its spam or porno shit…it will be removed!!!

Where is the year going. We have now reached March :roll:

Good bye to summer and a big hello to Autumn….now the warm weather will farewell us and be replaced with cooler days.

Not alot has happened over the past week. Sadly our dating scan had to be cancelled last week due to our loss.

Chelsea has settled in really well at ABC. She loves going to school.

My good friend Blanche got married yesterday…i cannot wait to see some pictures of her fairytale day :D

Ive made the journey back to TFAC after being away for just under 2 weeks. Its still hard to read 80% of the posts, but i need my girls and their awesome support.

Well thats about it….not much to say really.

Oh..i have added some new pics to Facebook from our QLD trip and week at Kathys. Some great pics to look at :p