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Im so in love with this site. Tomorrow i will be putting in a request to have our lost bubs name written in the sand. You can visit To Write Their Names In The Sand to find more information and see what an inspirational idea this special person does for grieving parents.

Im sick of staying home. Today was a family outing!

So we decided to head off to the Casey Kids Carnival held over in Berwick. We got there around 1130 and it was PACKED! Had a browse around but was so busy.

The face painting lines were huge, the jumping castle lines were huge…everything was…HUGE. To top it off it was a stinking hot day and i felt yuck. Craig and I decided to get the girls a small gift each. On the way out to the car we stopped to take some pictures in the gorgeous walk way.

We then head off to Lollipops Playland.

The 3 kids had an awesome time. Even Zachery got in and had a play (which i didn’t think he would). Chelsea being the ‘no fear’ child that she is decided she would test out the big slides…and she conquered them without hesitating. Jasmine even tried new things she wouldn’t have done before (like walking across the bridge to get to the small slide in the toddler area).

Sadly our great day out ended up in Casey Emergency. Jasmine some how sprained her ankle while playing. No major fractures, but the Dr wasn’t ruling out a possible minor one. She is in a pit of pain tonight, but will make a full recovery very soon.