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Had to go to IGA today to get some bread. Across the road is a Salvo’s store. Ive been wanting to go into one for ages, but 1. Felt embarassed and 2. Couldnt bring myself to buy someone elses clothes. The last time i stepped foot into an op shop was when i was younger and looking for a party dress.

Anyhow, said to Craig we should go have a look. Got the bread and some money out and headed over. Well, as soon as i walked in i felt like i was in heaven!!!!

There was heaps of stuff to buy. Didnt look at the adult clothes, fat arses dont find clothes in ops shops. Moved on to the shoes, found lots id like, but couldnt do, i could NOT buy or wear someone elses 2nd hand shoes. So looked at the kids clothes instead.

Managed to find 2 sleeping suits for Zachery (one is a gorgeous Pooh Bear one),  jeans for Chelsea, PJ top for Chelsea (which still had the tags on, shame there were no pants to go with it), pants for Zachery and some forks for us LOL..

Im so in love with the shop i have to go back again soon 🙂

So there you go…my op shop shopping experience was successful